Thursday, April 8, 2010

wHaT a DaY!!

Well, it started off with what a night! Braxton was sick all night. No one but Maddox got any sleep. Poor thing was throwing up and was saying his ear hurt. He was fine all evening. We were with friends and he played with his best bud. He slept a few hours before it all began.
He and I slept until 11:00am, catching up on sleep, in his room while daddy took care of the baby. When Braxton got up, he seemed fine except for his lingering cough and runny nose. Said his belly nor his ear hurt anymore. I still went with my mommy instinct and called the doc. They wanted to see him. Turns out he has blisters on his eardrum from an infection. His doc didn't know why he threw up but said it ran it's course and is gone now, so who knows. So, Braxton is taking some meds for his ear.

I also got started on one of my goals. We packed up some things from a bookshelf we had in our living room so we could put the shelf in storage. Put a smaller wood cabinet (that was just in a different spot in the living room) in its place. One less thing in our living room. The bookshelf just had albums we never looked at and pictures. I kept some albums out (like my scrapbooks and baby albums) and moved some of the pictures elsewhere.
I also packed up some things off of our china hutch and packed up all the Easter decorations. All these boxes, plus a ride-on truck toy (that Braxton is too big for and Maddox is too small for) went to storage! Ahhhhh. Progress.

Made my "To-Do, To-Get, To-Make" list for Maddox's birthday party. He will be one on the 13th and his party is on the 17th. Don't have much time. I have all the decorations and my dad is a chef, so that takes care of the cakes. Still in disbelief.
It really hasn't been a year since this photo was taken. Promises.

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  1. Can't believe it either, great job on progress! Just think if you do a little at a time, maybe it won't seem like a big hassle to move! yeah right huh! Well I hate Braxton was sick! So weird, Garyn has been fine and Maddox so guess it was a fluke thing


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