Friday, April 30, 2010

April: How did I do?

It's time to see how I did with my goals!

Go hiking. I found this really cool site that will help us find the perfect place: here
Host a successful birthday party for my Maddox who is turning one!! here
When school comes to end, start reading Breaking Dawn again. And I have started others!

Pack somethings up. Things that can go to storage for now to make the place look bigger and less cluttered so it will SELL!! yes, did some
Make labels for objects around the house for Braxton to learn the words that belong to those objects. Ahhh! I haven’t done this yet. I WILL!

Braxton: -Keep practicing writing his letters YEP -Familiarize him with our new labels
Maddox: -Teach him words or signals to replace his screaming (I will need a lot of good luck wishes for this task) tried HARD!

Make a list of all recipes I have tried and liked. Use this list when I write my weekly meals and shopping list. Didn’t make the list
Try 2 new recipes in hopes to add them to the list! I can think of one new recipe we tried, which was chili mac. I know we had some that we hadn’t had in a while, too.

Stay on top of laundry. Easy to wash, hard to put away. I need to wash 1 load a day so I do not get overwhelmed. Soooo didn’t do this. It is worse than ever, actually. Bad, yes I know.
Scrub the bathroom floors and baseboards. I did the down stairs bathroom (and so happy I did!) and I cleaned the upstairs bathroom floor, but didn’t scrub it and do the baseboards.

Starting small: Workout (a good cardio workout) once a week. Nope
Kick the junk. Nope
Find some good facial products. And nope.

So, I am definitely not happy about the Health/Wellness section. Maybe next month I can get my behind in gear...especially since it is my favorite month! My birthday is in May, Mother's Day, our Anniversary, and Braxton's birthday! Woo Hoo! I can't wait to write May's goals!

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