Monday, April 19, 2010

My baby turned 1!

I got through it! He's one! His birthday was on Tuesday (April 13th) and we just had a little family celebration. Poor thing had to go to the doctor on his birthday and get his finger pricked, blood taken from his arm, and 2 painful shots :( He is anemic and still underweight. So that was hard on mommy and baby. But he was fine and he enjoyed some cake after dinner.
Here he is at 6:05pm, exactly a year old!! ((See his poor arm?))

And then we had a PARTY on Saturday!! Can you believe no one had a camera? I accidentally locked my memory card and haven't got a new one and my dad was supposed to bring his but forgot it at a friend's house!! UGHHHH!! So these pics are from my phone. I will post some more from his actual birthday when we did have my dad's camera later.
We had Maddox a cowboy party! We had close friends and family (well that was only 2, yes 2, family members...but thats a different story). We had pizza and Maddox chowed down on another cake. He made out and got tons of new fun toys...which are still in our living room floor because I really don't know where to put them!

Here he is test driving some of his new toys.
He got a rocking horse because every cowboy needs his first pony, right?

I can't believe I have a 1 year-old! with two top teeth!

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