Friday, April 22, 2011

Springing back!

Hi blog friends! We don't have to go over the obvious fact that I haven't posted in a very, very.....very long time. If you cared, I'd say sorry, but I know I wasn't missed...that much.

So to sum it up very quickly=

I graduated. (WOOOOHOOOO!)

We had a wonderful Christmas.

We got lots, and lots of snow. We even got to wake up to a white Christmas. It was wonderful! This is Braxton with my sister, his Aunt JoJo.

We got a puppy. Her name is Kinley and she is a chocolate lab. She is 4 1/2 months old now and 10x's bigger than this.

I got the flu. (Sorry, no picture. haha) I got it 5 days before we were leaving for our vacation. I was extremely worried the boys would catch it and our trip would be ruined. They didn't, though (PTL!!), and I was 95% better by the time we left.

We went to Disney World!!!! Ahhhh...magical, as always.

I got a new car! It has a 3rd row! YAY!

Maddox is now paci free. The boys got bunkbeds so Maddox is in a big boy bed now! My baby is growing up. I'm holding on to the changing table for dear life. I can't take it all at once.

Yep, he turned 2!!!! (and had a puppy dog party!)

Other happenings....

The decision is final: I will stay at home instead finding a job!! I am very happy about this. It was a really sensitive topic there for a while. Either way, I was going to feel guilty. But if I worked, I was going to feel guilty AND stressed AND very sad AND tired AND etc, etc... Matt got a promotion and even though it isn't anywhere close to how nice it would have been with two incomes, it makes it easier. Plus, with this promotion in his company, he is putting his plans to go to school one day on hold. We had originally said that if I got a job, he would go to school and stay home... but that's not happening. I just can't stand the thought of sending my child to daycare full time. It is really just the thought of someone else getting to spend the majority of the day with my child, 5 days a week, and then me coming home tired, stressed, and busy. I was lucky enough to have a full time sitter when I was student teaching, but I just can't be away like that again. I have full intentions of teaching when my kiddos are all in school :) and I can't wait, because I do truly love teaching.

Braxton starts school in the fall. I'm in denial. But, I feel 100% better about it now that I know I'll be home. Big factors in the internal work/stay home debate was, "Who will take him to school? and pick him up? I don't want my baby on a bus! I will never get to volunteer in his class or go on field trips!" Yes, it would be ideal if I worked in the same school, but that was just very highly unlikely. Plus, my Maddox! I got all this time at home with B, and Maddox (and any future child) deserves it, too!
Okay, I could go on....and oooooonnnnn about this. So, even though we aren't gonna have 2 incomes, and when we go to buy another house, our budget will be way lower, I AM WAYYYY HAPPIER BEING A FULL TIME MOMMY!