Friday, April 23, 2010

Isn't she beautiful?

My new purse that is!
This fun little thing is a k.mac creation. It is definitely unique because I custom ordered it! I can't wait to carry that thing on my shoulder and show it off. I am going to finally move out of the diaper bag. I need to order Maddox a new bag soon. He is going to get a Stephen Joseph backpack from The Crazy Dazy like his brother, just a different style (a more babyish one).
AnYwAy! I just wanted to show off my beauty. If you are interested in a k.mac creation check out her website by clicking here or her blog by clicking here :)


  1. I Love it! I know you will too, it fits you!

  2. I love the fun colors! I wish I had half of Meghan's creativity and talent.

  3. Oh sweet day! I do love your bag! Thanks for the sweet shout out lOvE! I have been so busy with sewing and working on the website, I have been slacking in the blog land! So sorry! I am getting back on the trains...I have missed it so!

    I am in love with yellow right now...perhaps its because of my work on your bag!

    Thanks again for your invesment in k.Mac; I appreciate you!



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