Wednesday, April 28, 2010

fUn WiTh My BoYs!!

This picture of my cutie pies is from yesterday morning when they were playing in the laundry basket :)
This morning, I decided I wanted to go to the zoo. Every Wednesday it is only a dollar! I told Braxton we would go after Maddox's nap. So, when Maddox was napping, Braxton and I did some fun things. Often, when we are driving to school, we see workers on the road working on a power line or something. So, these workers have one lane closed and they are directing traffic with a STOP and SLOW sign. Braxton is very interested in this because directing traffic is cool, right? Well, I told him we would make his very own STOP and GO sign. We did that today! I told him to get some red and green paper, and he did. I got a toilet paper cardboard roll for the stick of our sign. I traced the shape of the sign on the paper and cut it out. I asked him how many sides the shape had, he counted 8, and I asked him what the shape was called, and he said, "Octagon!" He got a sticker for that one; I was proud that he remembered because it has been a while since we talked about that. He wrote STOP on the red and GO on the green, of course. He is having trouble with writing an 'S' but can trace it well, so I made him a dotted line. Glad we finally made his sign!
For lunch, he has been wanting to make a banana dog (we didn't do seeds like that recipe shows). He got the idea from Tasty Time with ZeFronk on the Disney Channel. We finally made it for lunch today. It's just his thing! I tried it and it was yummy :)

Then, after the baby woke and I fed him lunch, we went to the zoo! We met my friend Amanda and her precious baby, Caitlin. We had a nice time!

Here is Braxton feeding the goats in the farm area.

Here is Maddox riding the frog on the carousel. Braxton rode a giraffe and Caitlin sat with a mama panda bear, which was so cute!

After the zoo, we made a quick run by BiLo to get some fruit salad supplies :) and can I just say...having 2 boys is SOOO much fun!

Now the boys are napping and I am going to start dinner soon. We are having Fettuccine Lasagna (with salad and garlic cheese pull apart bread), which I love and haven't had in a while. It is so simple. Here is the recipe just in case someone would like it:

Cook fettuccine (enough for your family)
mix equal parts cream cheese and sour cream (once again enough for how much you are making or how much you like- I do 8oz each)
brown ground turkey (or beef)

In casserole dish-
cooked fettuccine on bottom, cover with cream mix, cover that with the meat, and then pour a jar of spaghetti sauce over it, top with shredded cheese

Bake at 350 for about 35 minutes.

Hope everyone has had a great day!

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