Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April's Goals

So, I am stealing this ~Monthly Goals~ idea from my friend Sarah. I think she got it from someone, who got it from someone, and so on. I think it is an awesome idea. It gets me to think about the things I want and need to do and this blog will help me stick to them. Go ahead and stay on my case if you'd like!

Here they are:

Go hiking. I found this really cool site that will help us find the perfect place:
Host a successful birthday party for my Maddox who is turning one!!
When school comes to end, start reading Breaking Dawn again.

Pack somethings up. Things that can go to storage for now to make the place look bigger and less cluttered so it will SELL!!
Make labels for objects around the house for Braxton to learn the words that belong to those objects.

Braxton: -Keep practicing writing his letters -Familiarize him with our new labels
Maddox: -Teach him words or signals to replace his screaming (I will need a lot of good luck wishes for this task)

Make a list of all recipes I have tried and liked. Use this list when I write my weekly meals and shopping list.
Try 2 new recipes in hopes to add them to the list!

Stay on top of laundry. Easy to wash, hard to put away. I need to wash 1 load a day so I do not get overwhelmed.
Scrub the bathroom floors and baseboards.

Starting small: Workout (a good cardio workout) once a week.
Kick the junk.
Find some good facial products.

Check back at the beginning of May to see how I did!


  1. Yeah!!!

    You have a blog! Love it! Now I can follow you and read about all that you are into! WE gotta get the boys together to play!

    .mac :)

  2. Love the goals! I really like the "teach" idea, and I want to do the labels around the house, too, since Garyn is already reading some, it can't hurt. When you get the houe, you will definitely be making goals, might be a looooong list ;)

  3. Did I ever tell you the Handwriting Curriculum I use with Luk? It is not expensive, and Luk loves it. Handwriting without Tears. If you check out my Homeschooling blog, the link for the site is on there. The student book and teachers book is a total of $15. Love that you have a blog!


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