Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CaTcH uP iN 10...

1. Braxton's party was the bomb. See my little Peter Pan, there, having a sword fight?

2. Our niece Brie was with us for the first month of summer. Here they are having movie night.

3. We went camping! Fun, fun!

4. We did lots of fun things- Like the Creative Discover Museum.

5. Braxton learned how to swim! And he's sooo good!

6. I dyed my hair. Brown black.

7. Braxton got stitches! Surprise! Just kidding- it doesn't surprise you at all does it? See the little blue things? 3 stitches.

8. Daddy had a birthday and we made him a yummy peanut butter cake! See their precious aprons? We just got them and they love to wear them, all the time.

 9. We had a 4th of July cookout/pool party! Lots of great friends, good food, and fun times!
10. We took a good family picture! Oh my, everyone is looking and smiling!

That's the gist of it, though we have done much more- like going to the lake, fountains, aquarium, and playworld downunder...visiting with family, planning vacations...yes, vacationS :) Disney AND the beach...and it all starts in 17 days :)