Monday, August 16, 2010

Teaching Heart Mom blog Back to School Party

The Teaching Heart Mom blog is an awesome bolg for teachers AND moms. They are having an awesome Back to School Party over on their blog and you should really check it out!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

'Bout to be a BuSy Momma!

I finally got my student teaching placements today. I got one suburban school and one urban. I go to Woodmore first. 99.2% of the students come from economically disadvantaged homes. I will be in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd...not sure which, yet. The next half of the semester I will be at McConnell in kindergarten! I am excited about this school. It isn't as far away and I have heard such great things about it.
Adjusting to the demand and schedule of student teaching will be difficult. I will be gone before the boys even wake up till about 3:30-4:00 five days a week. Very different. I have worries and fears because I have never been away from them that much. There will be someone else with them, taking care of them most of their day.
But, really, I am blessed to have the babysitter I do. She is great with the kids and just her being so willing to be here that much is so awesome. She has a 4 year old (soon to be 5) that she will be preparing for kindergarten and she told me Braxton would be doing the same stuff. That is a huge relief for me. With me being gone, I knew I wasn't going to be here to be teaching and preparing him. Also, because he won't be going to preschool (or any type of school, like mother's day out that he has been going to) until I finish student teaching. So, he will start Preschool in January. He really is prepared enough already, but being away, I feel like I will be out of touch and unable to BE SURE. Our sitter will be reinforcing him with the basic things he needs to learn plus more!
When I get home in the evenings, I will go straight to cooking, then cleaning up, then preparing for the next day. I hope we can adjust to it well. Weekends will be spent doing work, I'm sure.
Even though I can't wait to learn everything possible from my experience, I hope it goes by quickly so I can be back home with my babies!!.....and have my degree :)