Friday, April 9, 2010

My Maddox Man

Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen?
I decided to let you all get to know Maddox a little better.
Maddox is one tough cookie. He is the cutest little thing with the most demanding little attitude. He has been high maintenance from the beginning. I am always working to make him happy...and a lot of the time, it doesn't work :( and he definitely lets you know when he isn't happy. He has this high pitched, ear piercing scream. It's awful and extremely embarrassing in public (except at Disney World while we were pushing him in the stroller...he cleared a path for us!). But he does this scream when he is happy, too! So, we just can't avoid it.
He definitely has a sweet and quite funny side too. He has the cutest smile and loves to make you laugh. He loves him some mommy and is becoming a daddy's boy here lately, too! He is the fastest crawler around and loves when you get in the floor to play with him!
Maddox is a little on the tiny side for his age. No chub once so ever. I have nursed him from day one and since solids were introduced to him, he has loved them and gobbles anything up. But he just doesn't gain weight. Well, he does verrryyy slooowwly. His tininess makes him that much cuter though.
He has got these big blue eyes, like his Momma ;) He will be 1 on April 13th and is so close to walking. He claps, points, waves, says dada, uh oh, and sometimes mama. He talk plenty of baby jargon and is all over the place if you let him be. He loves anything with wheels that he can push. He loves bouncing golf balls on the tile kitchen floor. He likes playing peekaboo and grabbing your face and making you look at him. But, his most favorite thing of all is his BIG BROTHER, Braxton.
And Maddox is Braxton's favorite thing, too! I am blessed to have boys that love each other so! I hope they keep this bond forever. Maddox is the complete opposite of how Braxton was as a baby. Inside AND out! Braxton was a big baby, quiet, happy, and just along for the ride.
Maddox has made me a stronger Momma! I can take on any baby now. I love him with all my heart, even if he is my little Mad Man :)

Happy early Birthday sweet boy. I will never forget you actively kicking my tummy at 11:00 every night, the first time I laid my eyes on you, the first time I heard you scream, our first moments together, the way you wouldn't let go of your daddy's finger when they put you on the warmer, or the day we brought you home in your "baby brother" onesie. I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY PIECE OF MY HEART!


  1. I wish there was an "awesome" reaction up there! He is the cutest and is a madfox too! lol remember that,so glad to be on his like list!


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