Friday, April 30, 2010

May's Goals

Time for my MAY goals!

Go hiking and picnicking some more!
Have a great birthday :) My birthdays have been lacking the fun factor the past few years.
Host a successful 4th birthday party for Braxton
Play day at Coolidge Park
Keep leisurely reading Breaking Dawn
Read Don't Make Me count to Three to catch up with my book club

and I have a goal for the summer (don't know which month it will happen it): day trip to Atlanta to visit zoo and aquarium...Six Flags would be awesome, too :) Might have to be a couple day trips.

Pack some more things up to make the move easier, whenever it happens.

Make labels for things around the house
Braxton: familiarize him with labels, continue to practice handwriting
Maddox: keep teaching him words

Make a list of all recipes I have tried and liked.
Freezer cook!! Got this wonderful idea from my friend Sarah. Now that school is over, I have time to do this.

Stay on top of laundry, FOR REAL!
Clean hand prints off walls

Starting small: Workout (a good cardio workout) once a week. Getting a set day and time would help me stick to this.
Stop eating as much junk. I can create a rule to allow one treat a week. Especially when we just discovered how good Nana's is.
Find a good facial product and clean my face every night.

Here's to the month a MAY! I found this cute poem and I just love it!

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  1. Love that you are gonna do Freezer Cooking! I also can't wait for coolidge fun!


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