Friday, June 4, 2010

{A spin on Photo Story Friday}

This won't be an official Photo Story Friday b/c I did not take some of these. But I want and need to share.

These pictures are a little old.
The first one is of Matt, me, and Braxton on Pensacola Beach in March 2007.
The second is of Matt and Braxton on Navarre Beach (minutes from Pensacola Beach) in July 2008.
I am sharing these picture because these beaches are about to get very ugly. With oil. Oil clumps have been popping up along the shore of this powder white beach.
I grew up in Pensacola and these beaches fill my childhood memories. I would have never imagined such a dreadful thing to happen to these beaches.

This picture screams home to me.

I am heart broken.

Pray the spill gets corrected soon.

Pray for all the businesses that are going to be greatly affected by this.

Pray for the outcome of these beaches.

Pray for the people that love these beaches.


  1. it is very sad! One mistake turns into a big problem for everyone else. Glad to see your encouragement and motivation anout something you love.

  2. Stephanie...

    I had no idea you grew up there.

    At least I didn't remember!

    I am so sad for all of this.

    That last picture is Braxton made over.

    Love it!

    .mac :)

    p.s. It's about time to have Braxton over for some poision time!!!!


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