Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleeping in their bathing suit...

Might as well...
These kiddos of mine {plus one more} love them some water. Our niece Brie has been with us the past week and we have been going, going. The majority of what we have been doing involves water. Sprinkler, fountain, slip-n-slide, pool, lake, water table....

We did go to the Discovery Museum where only their hands got wet ;)
Here is Braxton using the pulley chair on the roof of the museum.

...and Daddy and Braxton in the little clinic.

We've been to Coolidge to play in the fountains.

We've played in the sprinkler and slip-n-slide.

We had a wonderful picnic at the lake and then went for a swim. It really was great family fun!

Full mouths!

Taking a break for a drink.

Last night we bought the boys a water table or a 'Fun Flow Play Sink.'

Perfect for both of the boys! They just love it!

Today we went swimming again. We went to swim with Raven, Matt's boss' daughter. She just adores the boys and is so good with them.

Taking a snack break. Maddox wasn't so good in the pool today. I think he is getting swimmed out...or he has learned that when we swim, all he gets to do is float in his little float.

These are just the events I had pictures of. We went swimming last week, too, and those sprinklers come out often!

I hope you enjoyed my fun-filled, picture-loaded post :)

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