Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mystery Rash

Sometime last week, we noticed a rash that had formed on Maddox. Then, it was under his arms and in his creases by his diaper and just a few spots and blotches on his torso. I thought maybe laundry detergent b/c I did get a small bottle of a new kind and it was irritating him. I watched the rash fade in some places and come in other places, worsen in some. On Saturday morning, he woke up and it was very bad. It had spread and worsened. I changed his clothes thinking it might be the sleeper he slept in since I grabbed it from a clean load of clothes. That night, I wanted to give him an oatmeal bath to hopefully soothe it. When I took his onesie off, I was shocked b/c it had gotten even worse on his torso. We called the on-call nurse and while we were waiting on her to call us back, it was getting worse while he was sitting in the bath. New spots were popping up that he had not had during the day. I posted a picture on Facebook from my phone because I have lots of friends who are nurses and experienced mommies. The nurse called back and I talked to her. I explained he had no other symptoms and it did not seem to be bothering him at all. She asked lots of questions and determined he didn't need to be seen, but just to keep an eye on him and if we really though he did need to be seen, then we could go to the Urgent Care Clinic. She thought it was probably an allergic reaction to something. The responses to the fb picture said the same. The next day, it hadn't changed much and he had even gotten some on his face. That evening, we had a friend at church, who is a Pediatrician, look at it. He said the same. Now we just had to figure out what it was a reaction to. We were thinking peanuts because I had given him pb&j for lunch twice that week and then before he got in the bath Saturday night (when it was getting worse while in the bath), Matt had given him a bite of peanut butter cookie.

Monday when he woke up, it was MUCH better. The blotchiness had cleared. There was still quite a few red spots in various places, but better! SO happy we were. I just knew it would be close to gone today (Tuesday). Well, no. He woke up and it was all over his face and he had more red spots on his torso and new ones on his bottom. I was baffled! What could be making it worse now? I knew he had to go to the doctor. I got to thinking... I ate a few handfuls of trail mix throughout the day Monday and I still nurse Maddox before his naps, before bed, and early in the morning to get him back to sleep. DUH! YES, it would affect him through breastmilk! UGHHH!! I feel like SUCH a bad mommy! This is the only thing I can think of and it kinda confirms the peanut thing. We still aren't %100 sure...there could be an underlying issue we don't know about. I am still taking him to the doctor to get another opinion. We go today at 3:00. Hopefully I will have confirmed thought and answered questions.

Here are some pictures.

This is Saturday night before his bath. (Brighter in person)

This is this morning (Tuesday). You can't see it very well, but the spots on his face are brighter red.

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