Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Oh, yes! I am setting goals again! I've missed doing it!!
May is my favorite month. Why you ask? Well- my birthday (the 11th IF you were wondering), Mother's Day, our anniversary, Braxton's birthday, warm weather and all the fun stuff it brings...
Okay, to the goals...

Go to the movies for my birthday- I want to see Water for Elephants. I just finished the book two nights ago.
Go to the movies for our anniversary- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides premiers on our anniversary. Matt loves these movies. I haven't seen them all but I am trying to watch them all before May 20th!
Watch all the Pirates movies!
Go to dinner with the ladies of Sunday School.
Have friends over for dinner.
Throw a spectacular [Peter Pan] 5th birthday party for Braxton.
Go fishing and hiking (maybe the same day!) and have a picnic while we are there.
Read 2 books

Kitchen cabinets- help Matt finish painting them and putting on new hinges and knobs, and putting them back on.
Stay on top of laundry.
Paint the handrail on stairs.
Touch up baseboards.
Clean and declutter- this might include taking some personal things and packing them away (see next goal).
Put the house up for sale!
Clean inside of car

I'd like to do that monogram I never did last year!

Have Braxton continue practice handwriting and reading.
Start geography lessons on the states

Have one freezer cooking day
Cook one new recipe

Fine tune our budget and start using the envelope system.

Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.
Take vitamin everyday.
Wash face every night.

Sign the boys up for a summer MDO
Sign Maddox up for Fall MDO
Register Braxton for kindergarten

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