Friday, May 6, 2011

Our little birdies

We have this little bird house hanging on a fence outside of our house. Matt bought it a couple years ago and it has hung there that long. We've had birds and eggs in it before but we didn't pay a lot of attention to them.
This year, we noticed tiny blue Robin's eggs in there. Braxton was very interested now that he is older. A couple of days ago the baby birds hatched and we like to peek in there a couple times a day.
I tell Braxton not to move it or touch it, but just peek. His innocent curiosity is so cute.
He came to me yesterday and said, "Their mouths are wide open!" I said, "Yeah, they're hungry..." and before I could finish telling him that the mom  would be back to feed them he said, "Yeah, I gave them birdseed!!" Oh boy. I couldn't help but laugh. My boy is so sweet. Kids are so funny.
We have a bird feeder, as well, which is where he got the birdseed. I asked him how he put it in there and he said he just dropped it in (following that "no touch" rule).

Here are some pictures of the little beaks.

They stretch up and open their mouth anytime the bird house moves, even just a little bit. We found this out b/c if someone touched the fence, it would shake the bird house just a little and then they'd stretch up.

Last night, we sat on our porch (very still!) and watched as the mom and dad came and went with food.

 They watched us closely.

We aren't positive which one is which, but we think the bigger one is the mom.
Here is a picture of each in the bird house:

This one cracks me up. She was like DO NOT come any closer.

 Here's my little reporter. Every time the mom and dad flew away, he'd check on them and tell me what they were doing.
 And one time he wanted to look in while one of the parents was in there. Like they were really gonna let him just peer in...Well, she flew out when he got close. It scared him and he ran back. I was laughing so hard!

As we sat there, I gave B a little lesson on birds and baby birds. He learned quite a bit. He was retelling it to me today. Love moments like that!

We are looking forward to the little birdies getting feathers!

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