Saturday, May 29, 2010

Disheartening, but Necesary

It wasn't our time. We really thought it was. But, we had to let it go.
Our house.
Oh, sad times. We had to make the decision to let our house go. The one we had been planning to buy. Our condo wasn't selling, so we made the decision to put it up for rent because we didn't want to lose that house. The owner had been holding on to it for us and we had all our plans worked out. We had a ton of interest in the condo, both for sale and rent, and we had a a couple come real close to getting it, but it never worked out. Time was running short and we started weighing the choices. A lot of work (and money!!) was to go into that house, and we knew that and we were excited to get to work and make it ours. We mentally prepared ourselves. But, we knew that we really only had until June to get a buyer/renter because the owner didn't want to hold onto it anymore, and we understood that. Around the middle of May we let the owner know (who is a friend of ours) that we still love the house and want it, but we just don't see our condo going. By this time, we had slowed down the traffic of people wanting to see our house because it was getting to hard to deal with (I mean, we had multiple people seeing it in one day). Sadly, we gave the go ahead to let him do what he wanted with the house, which, of course, was put it on the market. It sold in 2 days. Goodbye!!
Now that I think about it, I know it would have been so much to deal with! (Not saying I still wouldn't do it, cause that house is worth it.) It would have been a lot of money, and the shape that that house was in, there's a good chance we would have found an underlying issue that we didn't have the funds for. We would have also had to find somewhere to stay until it was good enough (for my standards) to live in. Another huge reason is that our babysitter for when I am in school lives in our current neighborhood. I am going to student teach in the Fall and I need her. She doesn't drive and so I would have had to find a new sitter. We love her and her rates are great. Thinking about all of this, maybe God knew this wasn't such a great idea.
So, sticking it out here in our condo is what we will be doing for the next 6 months or so.
We withdrew our house listing from the market and are turning down all callers. We had a pretty inefficient real estate agent and I know this condo would have sold with someone else. I was getting more interest posting it on Craigs List after a few dead months of no viewers. So, when we re-list it, a new one we will have. We will re-list it in October probably, but if someone wanted to buy it, we wouldn't turn them down!
We will look forward to when it is our time to find that house!

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  1. I'm sorry it didn't work out, but you are right if it were meant to be it would have happened without a hitch. I pray that everything goes as planned in October!


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